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Shadow teachers are co-teaching educators who assist and monitor a particular student's progress in the classroom. They frequently serve special-needs children in an inclusive school. In a regular classroom, they sit with the child and ensure that the child receives social, educational, and physical support. The objective is to ensure that they enable these children to function independently in a mainstream classroom and assist them in eventually joining one. Lead teachers are unable to pluralize instruction to meet the needs of individual students, particularly in classrooms. These could be kids who have problems with their behavior, development, or learning.The child with special needs is taken care of by shadow teachers, who bridge this gap.
Occupational Therapists helps the individual with autism to work on their cognitive, physical, social, and motor skills, by making them engage in all the activities that occupy their time.The goal is to help in improving their everyday skills which allow individuals to become more independent and so that they can participate in a wide range of activities.
Speech therapy can treat a broad range of speech and language delays and disorders in children and adults. With an early intervention,speech therapy can enhance different communication styles.Autism Spectrum Disorder is diagnosed usually in early childhood when communication skills are developing. In children with Autism, speech therapy can assist in improving non-verbal skills, in refining their spoken language and learning to use various communication methods.
Applied behavior analysis is a type of methodology which is for autism treatment and is based upon behaviorist theories that believe that desired behaviors can be learnt through a system of rewards and consequences.Applied behavior analysis is aimed at "extinguishing" undesirable behaviors and teaching desired behaviors and skills. Applied behavior analysis can also be utilised in a way to teach simple and complex skills.
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disability where an individual experiences difficulties related to social interaction and communication. The affected person also has some repetitive and restricted pattern to grasp a particular thing. Sports is one of the amazing activity for people of all ages that can significantly help to improve a person with autism. Apart from providing just enjoyment, sports have an ability to teach various skillful and constructive aspects.
Within the field of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the term parent counseling and training includes a range of interventions including care coordination, psychoeducation, treatments for language or social development, as well as programs designed to address maladaptive behaviors.
All the Educational Programs offered at ISF helps the person with autism learn to the best of his/her abilities, building on strengths and working on the difficulties. The focus of the teaching covers all important skill areas like communication, social understanding, play and leisure, self-care routines amongst others.The special education also has the provision of NIOS Board for all those parents who are looking for it.

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