Location Tapping

A very important factor of that very aspect is public places such
as parks, cafes and restaurants. We recently took up the task of
going around in the city of Lucknow and making cafes and
restaurants ‘Differently abled friendly’. One of the worst
triggers in people with Autism is impatience. When we visit a
cafe with a Special child, the families and the child are treated
just as other customers in terms of service. But it’s important
they understand waiting makes people with Autism very
restless they start getting agitated and irritated.
The staff and team of these ‘Differently-abled friendly
restaurants should give importance and priority to the
family of the special child visiting. Our only aim is to
sensitise the society and its people towards understanding
the needs of each and other.

These cafes and public places will have a sticker that will read
they are ‘Differently abled friendly’ and also have a Special Kit
for when a family of special child visits with him/her, to offer to
them to keep the child engaged and calm.