This scheme aims at setting up centres for the holistic welfare of PwDs through effective intervention.

  • Daycare scheme, primarily for enhancing interpersonal and vocational skills.

‘ Provision of caregiving support to PwD is in centre.

  • Helps in supporting family members of the PwDs to get some time during the day to fulfil other responsibilities. ‘ Day-care facilities to PwDs for at least 6 hours in a day along with age-specific activities.

‘ Batch size- 20 PwDs.


This scheme aims at setting up centres for early intervention for Person with Disability (PwD) in 0-10 years of age covered under the National Trust Act, through therapies, training and providing support to family members. We provide the

following facilities at the centre:

  • Early intervention and school readiness scheme.
  • Children above the age group of 1 0 years are eligible.